Chara is the Zepha and Serra goddess of botany, war strategy, and demons.

Role Edit

She is the patron goddess of farmers and herbalists. She holds an important role during famines and droughts, as it was believed that demons caused them. Ritual sacrifices of animals and healing herbs are made, then stories and myths involving her are told. Generals pray primarily to Chara to give them strategies via dreams.

Myths Edit

Origin Edit

She was born in a village near "a great mountain" (according to the Sierra Codex), believed to be Mt. Aria (the tallest mountain in Airclaw territory). Because of her red eyes, believed to be the sign of a demon hybrid, she was left at the top of the mountain for dead. Demons that lived on the mountain found her, and instead of killing her, raised her. She was given the name "Chara" from Ancient Felininan Chyra, meaning "determined" or "fire".

She went on to lead the demons and was determined to take revenge on her village. On her way, she met a young felinian named Essa, who convinced her not to go to war. Not only had they grown stronger in the 20 years since she was born, but they had also joined an alliance of cities sworn to protect each other. At some point, the two fell in love and were married. Essa followed Chara back to the camp and lived with her there.

One night, when most in the mountain camp were sleeping, the nearby village, now a city, attacked. The demons of the mountain were forced into war. After a short series of fights, the gods sided with the demons. Chara was given knowledge of herbs and plants that could be used to heal her troops and poison the opposition, and Essa was given greater powers of persuasion. They needed this badly, as the demons were greatly outnumbered in battle.

The two were granted god status after the camp was taken. With actual godlike powers, they were able to drive back the felinians and take back the mountain.